Business Verticals

Energy Storage and Energy Reserve

We are one of the first technology corporate in India which has developed non-lithium non-cobalt batteries, that will revolutionize the EV market. In this area, Nordische Technologies has already advanced with developing Aluminum Ion Graphene battery technology that is able to deliver perhaps the fastest charging battery available in the world today.

Mobility Solutions

We have a retrofit kit which converts the existing 3 Wheeler to EV for the emerging market in APAC and AFRICA.

EV Charging and Charging Infrastructure

We have an exclusive tie-up with ABB and Wallbe GMBH for their Charging station in India. We have our own EV charging station called CHARGEMAX.

Advanced Materials


Two of our Labs are located in Bangalore and Bhopal and working on new-age materials like Aluminium Graphene and extracting Lithium from Sea water.