Nordische Flee for Cargo

Lowest Op-Ex and Lowest TCO

Nordische has launched Ingo Flee, which is robust, reliable & economical. This is the perfect vehicle for blue-collar economies and rural areas. The vehicle will travel at least 50km per single charge with an average speed of 25 Km/hr.  It can carry a payload of up to 75Kg. There are two versions of vehicles available in this segment, one for passengers and the other with cargo integration. Features like geo-fence monitor users, and locations and automates routing and zoning. It also provides vehicular statistics for predictive operational efficiency. These lightweight  vehicles are:

1. Eco-friendly and Quiet, with no emission.
2. Low Maintenance and Fuel Cost.

3. Smart Connected Vehicle with IoT and Telematics.

4. Best-in-class Ergonomics.

5. Battery Swap is quick and easy.




Nordische Flee For Cargo

Motor and Controller

250W BLDC Hub Motor


1kW @ 48V

Charger and Charge Time

54.6V / 6A – 4 Hours


45+ Kms (True Range)

Top Speed

25 kmph

0 – 20 kmph

4 seconds

Rated incline

12 degree gradient

Peak Torque

65 Nm at wheel

Wheel Size

10×2.50 (F) & 10×2.50(R)
10×2.75(F) & 10×3.00(R)

Chassis Material

High strength Steel

Max Payload

Foot board – 20 kgs rated (50 kgs Max*)
Carrier – 15 kgs (25 kgs max*)

Kerb Weight

55 Kgs