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BANGALORE: Startup Nordische Technologies of Bangalore has unveiled the world’s fastest charging and non-combustible “Aluminum Ion Graphene Pouch Cells” technology. This technology is non-toxic and fire resistant, charging up to 50 times faster than the lithium ion cells battery and having the same level of battery life.

This innovative and revolutionary technology in the field of Battery is dedicated to Lord Shri Shri Shri Shri. Nirmalanandanath Maha Swamiji created the Lokpal.

Trend Speaking by Nirmalanandanath Maha Swamiji, Lithium battery technology now being used in almost all electronic and EV vehicles is having a lot of problems. Batteries used in automobiles are fire extinguishers, not proper capacity.

In collaboration with the Startup Nordische Technologies – CPIT (Central Institute of Petrochemical Engineering & Technology), Bengaluru has researched “Aluminum Ion Graphene Pouch Cell” technology to solve many of these problems. “This technology is as important as our country’s inventions,” he said.

Sabyasachi Das, Chief Technical Officer, Start-Up Nordische Technologies, Bangalore, said, “Our innovative research has been done over the past 5 years by the discovery of this innovative aluminum-graphene pouch cell and future electrical vehicle battery technology. These batteries are the lightest, fastest charging technology in the world.

Also, the temperature range in which this battery works is very high (-25 Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius). High capacity and have a shelf life of 5 to 7 years. These rechargeable batteries can use up to 3000 thousand cycles. This technician can also be used for electric vehicles. 

Features of Aluminum – Graphene Pouch Cell Battery Technology 

• Lightweight and fast charging.
• High energy density > 150 watts / kg.
• Affordable rate.
• Flexible source of energy storage Shelf Life 
• Can be recharged approximately > 3000 times.
• Eco Friendly – Non-Toxic and Non-Fireproof.

Mr Rathore and many others were present.

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